How to Create the Ultimate Entertainment Space

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Home entertainment has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade. Movie rentals became obsolete as streaming services surged. TV screens got larger, thinner, more defined AND cheaper year-by-year. Sound systems offered more advanced features with a whole lot less wiring. Today’s home entertainment experience is instant and immersive.  But what hasn’t kept pace […]

How to Care for and Clean Upholstered Furniture: A Complete Guide

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Whether it is fabric or leather, upholstered furniture adds comfort and style to a home.   All upholstery can accumulate dirt, stains, or odors.  Here’s a guide to the care and cleaning of upholstered furniture, starting with how to maintain fabric upholstery.  Preparing to clean fabric upholstery  Before cleaning fabric-upholstered furniture, check manufacturer instructions and recommendations […]

How to Deal with Fabric-Pilling

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A pill is a small, fibrous ball that forms on fabric because of friction. In the case of fabric upholstery, such friction is usually from the clothing of people sitting on the furniture.  This friction causes loose fibers that have moved to the surface of the fabric to twist together into little balls held in […]

Where to Buy Marshfield Furniture Near Syracuse?

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Are you someone who values durable, comfortable, made-in-the-USA furniture? Then a piece from Marshfield Furniture might be the best option. Marshfield furniture has been manufacturing upholstered furniture in Wisconsin for over 75 years, offering a wide range of styles that are comfortable, durable, and ethically produced.    If you’re searching for “Marshfield Furniture near me” in […]

What Is the Best Way to Clean Wood Furniture?

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You don’t need special cleaning solutions or a lot of time to keep solid-wood furniture looking beautiful. Just wipe it with a damp cloth. If you feel using soap is necessary, go with a mild, non-abrasive kind, such as Dawn. Then dry the piece with a clean, soft cloth.  Remember to clean all parts of […]

How to Style a Bookcase

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If you’re using your bookcase like most people do – a stable surface on which to pile heaps of books – you are missing an opportunity to add some highly impactful design touches to your room. There are many low-cost ways to style a bookcase to add some design flair.  Whether you have a full […]

Who Sells Flexsteel Recliners Near Me?

With over a century of quality craftsmanship, Flexsteel has become a highly desired furniture brand. Flexsteel power recliners are a particularly popular choice. But you can’t just drop in to any furniture store and purchase Flexsteel furniture – it’s only available from an exclusive set of retail partners. The easiest way to start your search […]

Get Your Living Room Football Ready

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The leaves are beginning to change to vibrant autumn hues. Children carry lunch boxes and wait for their school buses. The swelter of summer gives way to a gentle breeze that can only herald the arrival of one thing – football season.  But is your living room ready for America’s favorite sport? You might be […]

2022 Living Room Design Trends

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The living room is the centerpiece of the home. It’s where we entertain and relax. Depending on your lifestyle you might also use your living room to eat, exercise, work, or sleep. According to research from, while most homeowners spend more money on their kitchens, they spend more than twice as much time in […]

How to Style a Living Room with a Sectional Couch: Part 2

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[Continued from Part 1]  Use a Chaise Lounge for Multi-Purpose Sectional Design  Chaise lounges are a very popular sectional feature. A chaise lounge ends a sectional in a wide, flat cushioned section that is somewhere between a bed and an ottoman. It is for lounging, napping, and often acts as the mail and handbag offload […]