Lounge Furniture Collection- Fanback Swing

Drawing from our popular Fanback Chair, the Fanback Swing and Glider feature a gently curved back and less sloped seat than the Fanback Chair. This makes them easier to get in and out of, making it the ideal lounge furniture for your porch, patio or deck.

4′ Fanback Swing

1 Tone or 2 Tone in Standard Colors: $699.00

Premium Colors: $739.00

Rustic w/ Standard color: $789.00

Solid Rustic: $929.00

Vinyl A-Frame (clay or white) $849.00
Stainless Steel Chain Upgrade $59.00

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  • natural wood or maintenance-free poly
  • stainless steel hardware
  • many style and color choices
  • can be one color or two tone

1 Tone or 2 Tone in Standard Colors:
Green, White,
Cedar, Burgundy,
Blue, Dark Gray,
Gray, Black,
Turquoise, Patriot
Blue, Ivory, Brown,
Lime Green, Red

Premium Colors: 
Orange, Pink,
Purple, Yellow

Rustic Colors:   

Rustic Burgundy,
Rustic Nutmeg,
Rustic Gray


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Dimensions 32 × 51 × 32 in

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