A damp, clean soft cloth is all that is necessary to keep your furniture looking great for years. Use a mild soap that does not contain micro-abrasives (i.e. Dawn). Only use mild soap when necessary. Follow up with a clean soft cloth to dry.


Polishing your new product is not necessary. Your new furniture has been finished in a high quality catalyzed varnish that gives it a natural luster and smooth finish. DO NOT USE any polish for the first 6 months until your furniture has fully cured. Should you decide to occasionally polish your furniture, use a non-silicone & wax free polish. Failure to do so will create a buildup and dull appearance. We recommend using a product such as Guardsman. See your local retailer for recommendations.


Avoid placing extremely hot food or objects on your table.

Avoid using vinyl or plastic place mats or tablecloths as they can contain silicone products that can react with the finish on your table, causing damage.

Avoid sliding rough or abrasive items across your table without a place mat underneath.

Avoid any silicone or wax based products to clean your furniture.

Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources.

Avoid letting spills sit. Standing liquid can cause damage over time.


Keeping your homes humidity level between 35% – 45% is essential to your furniture. By doing this you reduce the risk of swelling, season cracks, and warping. Solid wood is a natural fiber and will shrink and swell with the seasons. Tabletop joints between leaves will gap slightly in the center or edge depending on the humidity of the season. This is a natural process of the wood and can be helped with humidity control.

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