When is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

Patio furniture can transform an outdoor space. Whether you have a little balcony or a spacious deck, the right patio furniture can turn a few deck boards into a welcoming outdoor living area, a private getaway, and more. Of course, you may have noticed that patio furniture pricing reflects its quality, weight, and value. Getting the best price for gorgeous and useful patio furniture is about knowing when and where to shop. 


When is the best time to buy patio furniture? For some, it’s when the sales are in swing. Here’s a quick guide on getting the best patio furniture for your outdoor space at the best price. For other’s it’s finding what they want in stock the moment they want it. At Adirondack Furniture, we assist customers daily in finding the most ideal furniture and patio pieces to show off your taste, and desire for style and quality. 

What to Look For When Buying Patio Furniture 

What should you look for when buying patio furniture? Here’s how to design a great space with an easy checklist when furniture shopping. 

Fulfills Your Patio Needs 

Make a list of everything you need or want for your patio. Imagine the space and how you would use it. Visualize the perfect patio furniture, or at least the type of furniture you need. You may decide on a dining set or a living set with a lightweight couch and outdoor armchairs. You may be planning an ultimate grilling station, or long for swinging or hanging chairs for evening relaxation. 


Make a list and discover what this season’s patio furniture has to meet your needs. 

Comfort, Style, and Size 

Look for patio furniture that fits your sense of style. Then test it for comfort and size. Test chairs and sofas for comfort when seated, and test grills for comfort when standing at them. Don’t forget to bring your tape measure to ensure each piece will fit in your outdoor space – especially if your deck is small. 

All-Weather Durability 

Some patio furniture weathers better than others. Check out reviews and ask store experts to point you toward the patio furniture that will last years and maybe decades in the local weather conditions. 

Sustainable Design 

Patio furniture today doesn’t have to be made of cut trees or mined metal. Recycled plastic makes elegant, durable, comfortable, and modern design patio furniture, and you can feel good about sustainable designs with every piece. 

Tips for Buying Patio Furniture: When is the Best Time to Buy? 

When is the best time to buy patio furniture to start or complete your outdoor design? The key is to watch for the seasons and lead times of ordering your furniture. Who Sells the Best Patio Furniture? 


You can find quality patio furniture and the best selection locally. Here at Adirondack Furniture, we can help you find the perfect set of patio furniture in any season, whether you’re in a hurry to decorate for an imminent party, or planning for the best time to buy. Stop by one of our two locations today to find a great selection of sustainable, recycled material patio furniture! Syracuse: 315-422-6400 and East Syracuse: 315463-1774 

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