What Type of Outdoor Furniture is the Most Durable?

Most people make the same mistake when buying their first set of patio furniture; you pick something attractive and affordable and it’s rusted through or broken down by the second or third summer. Maybe you had an umbrella that blew across the yard with every wind storm or chairs that started to corrode after the first rain. Durable patio furniture is tougher to shop for than you might think.  

The best way to find durable patio furniture that will last for years and not just few seasons is to know your materials. 

Durable Outdoor Furniture Materials 

Wood Patio Furniture 

Teak wood furniture stand on the terrace 

Wood is the least durable material for patio furniture in most climates. However, hardwood in a dry climate can last a long time, if occasionally oiled to prevent cracking. 

Aluminum Patio Furniture 

Aluminum is the most popular patio furniture material, but that doesn’t make it the most durable. Aluminum is lightweight and even cast aluminum (solid instead of hollow) is not that heavy. While aluminum does not rust, it does corrode if exposed to moisture over time. However, powder-coated aluminum can provide a lightweight solution for a few years. 

Stainless Steel Patio Furniture 

A wood deck spans out over the water metal patio furniture 

The second lightest patio furniture material is stainless steel. Designed to resist rust, stainless steel will last longer than aluminum and may take longer to begin corroding in a moist climate. Stainless steel patio furniture tends to be hollow and lightweight, but a little heavier than aluminum. 

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture 

The heaviest patio furniture is wrought iron. Wrought iron is solid metal and difficult to move around. This keeps it safe in a wind storm, and the metal is thick enough that rusting does not cause your patio furniture to fall apart for some time. Powder coated wrought iron is your best option for patio furniture that lasts many years and does not budge. 

High-Density Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture 

An newer option for patio furniture is high-density recycled plastic. Plastic can now be used to effectively mimic other materials and create custom, elegant, and surprisingly dense furniture that is nearly indestructible. Recycled plastic is both sustainable and extremely durable for patio furniture, and can be crafted into any color, texture, and style you prefer. 

How to Choose Durable Patio Furniture 

How do you choose patio furniture that will last a long time? Durable patio furniture can be hard to know when you see it unless you know what to look for. 

Regional Weather 

First, consider your regional weather. Metal tends to fare worst in wet climates, especially sea air where the salt water atmosphere can eat away at metal finishes and accelerate corrosion. Woods do well in moist or dry climates, but require a great deal of care. Paint will tend to fade and crack in the sun. High-quality plastics are durable in any weather conditions. 

Patio Size 

Don’t forget to measure your patio. Big or small, you want to buy durable patio furniture that also fits comfortably in your space. 

How to Find Sustainable and Long-Lasting Outdoor Furniture 

Finding the right patio furniture for your climate and space can be challenging. Often, your best bet is to choose a durable material for outdoor furniture and find a brand you trust. Brands like Adirondack Furniture can be trusted to maintain a known level of quality with each product line, which is why many people build patio furniture looking for brands they already know and trust. 

If you’re looking for durable, elegant patio furniture made from sustainable materials, Adirondack Furniture has a great selection to choose from. Explore our outdoor furniture collection and discover patio furniture that is durable, comfortable, and good for the environment.  Contact us today to learn more. 

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