Seat & back cushions will soften with use from when you purchased the furniture. Semi- attached back cushions or loose cushions will need to be fluffed with use.

To maintain the leather it should be cleaned with approved leather cleaner and then lathered with leather conditioner every few months. This will help to maintain the appearance of your leather for many years to come.

 We recommend to wipe leather down with a slightly damp cloth when necessary, then with a dry cloth. Do not use any soap or vacuum the leather, as this may cause damage to the leather. 

 Leather furniture should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat to avoid fading and cracking.

Categories of Top Grain Leather

Pigmented leather:

Has a heavy top coat and is a leather that is worked to reduce the appearance of the natural marking within the leather. Therefore, this leather has the most layers of color and protective barriers making it the most durable of the leathers. It is the least likely to fade or stain. Therefore, it is more pet and family friendly. As well as more popular for everyday use on furniture.

Semi- Aniline Leather:

Is a leather that offers medium protection from daily use. It has a softer feel to it. It has a lightly painted finish. However, not a lot of coating so that it alters the actual feel of the leather and texture itself. This leather tends to soften and relax more than pigmented leather. Scars and other natural markings are more visible on this leather.

Aniline Leather: 

Is where you will have the most natural feel and look on your furniture. It will develop a patina over time making it look more naturally beautiful. Direct exposure to sun or heat will result in fading and discoloration faster. 

Characteristics of Leather

Leather softens and relaxes over time, causing it to wrinkle or puddle. This is normal and is not considered a defect. Leather can have variations of texture or color shading. Leather consists of natural marking such as scars, barb wire marks, fat wrinkles, insect bites, and has natural grain variation. Grain within the leather can vary from samples as it is stretched over the furniture and with different areas the leather is cut from the hide.


Leather can fade in areas where you sit often. This is due to the coating wearing down over time with use. Fading can be caused by hair products, lotion, and medications taken by people sitting on the furniture. Usually the fading occurs where we rub the most. Such as footrest, arms, and headrest. 


Leather can scratch or puncture. If there is a scratch in your leather, you can order a leather touch up kit through Uniter’s. This will not repair the scratch but will blend it in to match the rest of the sofa. 

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