Choose Your Living Room Furniture in 5 Steps

Learning how to choose living room furniture might feel slightly overwhelming at first. After all, advice on this subject is often filled with tips from design experts who have an educated and bold sense of how to fill a space. If this isn’t intuitive to you, the process might feel like overhearing a conversation in a foreign language. 


But that doesn’t have to be the case. Let’s quickly explore these 5 tips for choosing living room furniture more effectively.


1.) Start With Your Color Palette 

The first thing you need to do is consider choosing living room furniture colors. If you already have a wall color that you love in mind, your job will be a bit easier. You can use the wall color as a guide to finding furniture that complements the paint. 


If you don’t have wall colors picked out yet, however, you have the freedom to find furniture pieces you like first and then select paint that compliments your furniture! Either way, you want to find colors that blend and complement one another.

If you love a bold statement sofa, a soft neutral wall color is often best. But if that beige ottoman is calling your name, a bright wall color can add personality. Using a color wheel (or color palette generator like to experiment with complementary colors can be fun.


2.) Take Good Measurements

With a color palette in mind, it’s time to take precise measurements of your living room. This will tell you exactly how much space you’re working with. As well as, ensure that you don’t fall in love with a piece, only to find it simply won’t fit into your home.

Measure the length and width of the spaces where you want the furniture to sit. Write down these measurements on paper, and perhaps add them to a note on your phone. That way you are prepared, whether you bring that scratch paper with you or not.


3.) Select the Focal-Point Pieces 

Though living rooms can contain many types of furniture, often the sofa is the star of the show. So, how do you select a sofa set for your living room, select a color, and the right style? For example, something boxy and modern would look out of place in a maximalist vintage space, for example. Similarly, a chaise lounge or vintage loveseat wouldn’t fit with an industrial modern design. 


Every good sofa needs a coffee table, too. Make sure the one you pick has a design that flows with your room. Whether that’s an oval, or a rectangle. Remember, the function plays a major role here. If you need extra storage space, a coffee table that doubles as a storage trunk might be just the thing.



4.) Decide on Additional Seating 

Beyond the room’s centerpiece, think of additional seating. A variety of chair options could serve your space, including benches, stools, recliners, and armchairs. Be sure to select fabrics that suit your needs. Have kids or pets? Look for stain-resistant and washable varieties to keep your living room set looking fresh.


And don’t forget about the ottomans! They can provide additional storage and a place to rest your feet. 


5.) Fill the Empty Spaces with Functional Decor 

The last suggestion for choosing living room furniture is to fill empty spaces with functional decor. Just as ottomans provide additional storage, you’ll find many furniture pieces serving dual roles in your space. End tables offer both a spot to set your drink or book, additional storage, and an aesthetically pleasing way to compliment the rest of the room.


Stylish lamps can add lighting to the room while also serving as a sculptural decor item. Even pillows can add to your furniture selections by providing more comfort and adding texture, color, and warmth to the room.


Select From the Best Living Room Furniture At Adirondack Furniture

Once you have done your research and have found the colors, styles, and dimensions you need to furnish  your living room, there’s little left to do but make a purchase. You can’t go wrong when picking from the wide selection of timelessly beautiful living room furniture available here at Adirondack Furniture.

Located in Syracuse and East Syracuse, New York, our staff can help you find the perfect pieces to complement your space, whether that’s a coffee table, sofa, recliner, or all of the above! Stop in to see us today, and start furnishing the living room of your dreams.

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